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The Artist

Rafael recently began practicing art again after more than 20 years. Most recently he has had the honor and privilege of attending workshops lead by Mr. Nelson Shanks and his core of exceptionally talented students / teachers. In Rafael's opinion, Nelson Shanks is the world's greatest living realist artist.

In addition to practicing art Rafael also dedicates time to training others to increase their understanding of business practices, especially marketing, sales and branding to help them run their careers more profitably.       

Artist Statement

Art is the process of interpreting and then expressing the wonders of the world around us to create something of significant meaning that informs, inspires and invites people to ponder, if only for a moment, the beauty that is all around us but often goes unnoticed. Our lives are filled with so many things to do that we often do not realize the wonderous beauty of the people right next to us and the places we visit.

For centuries the goal and reason of great art has been to express, at the highest technical and artistic level possible, the beauty, glory, pain, wonder and joy of life, that is common to all people, of all times, in a way that trancends the temporary and achieves the universal and timeless.

I humbly strive in this tradition.

Personal Statement

I am not sure why some of us create art, I only know that we must. It is something that we can not control or deny. I firmly believe that if an artist does not create art then they are not truly living in the same way that a singer that does not sing is not truly alive.



Nova Southeastern University, FL, MBA

C.U.N.Y., NY, Bachelor of Science

School of Visual Arts, NY

High School of Music and Art, NY


Nelson Shanks, FL, 2006, Intensive Figure and Portrait oil painting workshop.

Nelson Shanks, FL, 2005, Intensive Figure and Portrait oil painting workshop.

Nelson Shanks, FL, 2004, Intensive Figure and Portrait oil painting workshop.

Broward Community College, FL, 2003, Drawing from Life.

Greg Kruetz, FL, 2003, Figure and Still Life oil painting workshop.

Broward Community College, FL, 2002, Drawing from Life.

Hollywood Arts and Culture Center, FL, 2002 Drawing from Life.

Donald Renner, FL, 2002, Still Life oil painting workshop.

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Contact me at Rafael@Rafaelcruz.com


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